At A Glance

Marketing Strategy & Direction

One of the things that we help our clients with is marketing strategy. We can help businesses create new marketing strategies from scratch, or provide support in directing marketing operations toward business goals.

For example, we've crafted a marketing strategy for a company that had no marketing plan at all. In the face of rising costs, we created a marketing plan that increased customer retention and yielded more qualified leads through marketing efforts.

Getting Started

Rustbrook can help businesses create a marketing strategy or refine an existing marketing strategy. Here are some of the things that we do to get started:

Marketing Strategy Assessment. We start our marketing strategy engagements with an assessment. If you already have some marketing activities in place, we create a profile of your business, and inventory and assess your current marketing activities. This information is important as a snapshot of where your marketing strategy is, and a baseline for any of your future efforts.

Digging In

After the initial research is done, we dig through the information we've uncovered to create your marketing strategy:

Marketing Strategy Analysis. We can analyze your business profile and current marketing activities, and identify blind spots and other points for improvement.

Initial Marketing Strategy Creation. If your marketing strategy is a blank slate, we can provide a full strategy based on your business profile.

Plan of Action. In addition to analyzing your marketing activities, we can provide recommendations of next steps to improve them. Your business can follow a plan of action to future growth.

On The Ground

We don't stop at simply providing you with a strategy. We can work with your business on the ground to launch marketing efforts.

Training. A strategy is nothing without people on the ground making it happen. We can provide training to ensure that your marketing strategy comes to life.