At A Glance

Business Process Optimization

One of the things that we help our clients with is business process optimization. We can help businesses identify opportunities to streamline their operations, help come up with a plan and even help put that plan into action.

For example, we met a company that uses third-party time tracking software for their employees. This company anticipated their use of this software to grow significantly in the near future.

When the company increased their usage of this software, their licensing costs would multiply. For what they would pay for this software over a relatively short period of time, they could potentially build their own time tracking solution in-house.

If they built an in-house solution to meet their time tracking needs, they would be building a solution that is a large part of their business, affecting their HR processes and business reporting.

Getting Started

Rustbrook can help this company optimize their business processes. Here are some things that we do to help a client get started:

Business Process Inventory & Maps. We can conduct research on your business and create an inventory of your business processes, and maps of those processes. This information is important as a snapshot of where your business is, and a baseline for any of your future optimization efforts.

Technology Inventory. Technology plays an increasingly important role in today's business. Our strong technical background gives us a unique perspective on business processes, and we consider your technology portfolio as we inventory and map your business processes.

Digging In

Getting started with business process optimization involves a lot of information gathering. It can be challenging to leave the informational stage of an undertaking like this, and make crucial decisions to move forward. But as your partner, we take steps to help you turn your information into decisions. Here are some ways that we help:

Business Process Analysis. We can analyze your current processes and identify points for improvement.

Optimization Roadmap. In addition to analyzing your processes, we can provide recommendations of next steps to improve them. We can distill information overload into actionable steps, and give you a full-fledged plan to follow with your future optimization efforts.

On The Ground

We don't stop at gathering information and providing plans. We can work with your business and help you launch business process optimization efforts.